Professional writing

I am a writer and editor by trade (do people still say that?) for a local newspaper. I do the special sections, which are niche publications covering a range of topics. Here are some of my favorite recent published pieces.

Healthy living, mindfulness, yoga

Tackling the myth of multitasking

Slow down with a digital detox

Create your own wellness retreat

Meditation offers insight into self, followed by Starting a meditation practice

Aerial yoga

Local business profiles

Gardenaire: a local mother/daughter duo making shrubs, syrups, and spice blends

Med City Doulas: creating a community of informed women

The Root Cellar: teaching old homestead skills

Earthbound Designs: pottery studio brings joy to artist


Simple syrups: pumpkin spice, and two herb blends

Summer popsicle recipes

Autumn spice simmer pot

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