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Life snapshot

Life snapshot

Life snapshot November 2

November 2, 2015

Things I’m excited for

1. Girl’s weekend with my old coworkers! This is us this last weekend at Halloween:


2. The reopening of my pottery studio! After a month of renovations (and my own personal summer hiatus) the studio is reopening!

3. Being finished with my holiday sections at work. This means I can stop stressing about the holidays and start to enjoy them (whenever I choose to start planning. Which is NOT the day after Halloween).

Project goals and updates

1. Pottery! Now that the studio is open again, it’s time to start getting so dirt under my fingernails. And by dirt I mean clay. And glaze.

2. My wedding photo album is done! I gave myself a goal of finishing it by the time we had our 1 year anniversary, and I finished it with a week to spare (never mind that I only started it with three weeks to spare…)

3. My Ireland scrapbook is well underway. It’s been so much fun revisiting the photos and memories from that trip.

Ireland scrapbook

4. Bonus – I’ve started needle felting! So far I’ve made a cat toy and a few parts for a necklace. All simple but all very fun.

Current obsessions

1. Orange and cinnamon spice tea.

2. This vegan chili cheese dip. It was a hit at our Halloween party this weekend!

3. Sitting on the couch devouring book.

Which brings me to the bonus category this week:

What I’m reading (and have recently read)

1. Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. A heartwrenchingly honest memoir about the first year after her husband’s death. (read)

2. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. The first of a three-part series, I devoured this book in one day. A wonderful story aided by fantastical black and white photos. (read)

3. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I had really high expectations of this book but was severely disappointed with the first section. It read like a super simple and cheesy self-help book. However, the second section picked up, so I will reserve final judgement until finished. (currently reading)

Life snapshot

Life snapshot August 28

August 28, 2015

I realized it’s been a while since I’ve done a Life Snapshot post (I blame Ireland!). So here we are.

Things I’m excited for

1. Sleepovers with college friends. This weekend is going to be a mini-reunion and I cannot wait.


2. Apple picking season!

3. North Carolina. My mom and I are going to take a little trip over Labor Day weekend, just because.

Project goals and updates

1. I *finally* got my deck lights! My mom came down one Saturday and we had a project marathon, including hanging my string lights. Yay! (I’ll have a post about how to put up your own lights soon!)


2. Next project is to get my craft room re-organized now that I have a new desk in there.

3. Organize and edit my Ireland photos.

Current obsessions

1. Open windows at night. We’ve had a string of cool weather and I’ve been sleeping so well with the windows open!

2. Fresh produce. Trying to cram it all in before the cold weather hits.

I think my next Life Snapshot is going to be devoted to Ireland. That means I have to get my photos organized, ah! Wish me luck.

Life snapshot

Life snapshot June 19

June 19, 2015

Welcome to another addition of life snapshot!

Things I’m excited for:

1. A weekend at home! This is the first weekend we’ll be at home in what seems like forever.

2. Farmers market produce tomorrow. The Saturday market is one of my highlights of summer.

3. To finish Game of Thrones. The hubby and I have gotten sidetracked and have three or four episodes to finish, which we fully plan on doing this weekend (no spoilers please!).

Project goals and updates:

1. I finished our bar downstairs! I wasn’t even planning on doing it, but one day last week I was super motivated and got everything out of the boxes and onto the shelves and organized. What do you think? I haven’t actually done any cosmetic changes (yet) but I really like it!


2. Organize my garage. We’re storing a couch in there at the moment (it didn’t fit in our living room) and it’s really cramping my style. The least I can do is organize around it.

3. Write a shitty first draft. I’m taking a writing workshop at the ArtHaus in Decorah, and this week’s assignment is to have a shitty first draft done. I’ve got a pretty good start, so hopefully a rainy Saturday will entice me to finish.

4. Bonus goal: I have three vintage frames in my garage that I want to paint and get prints to go in. We’ll see where this goes.

Current obsessions:

1. Left hand milk stout. Actually, any stout. I got hooked on stouts after Duluth brewery tours with some friends and I love it!

2. Cool vintage outdoor string lights, like these. I’m hoping they’ll make it on my project list one day soon (hopefully with a smaller price tag).

3. Green tea. I’ve been trying to kick a killer cold for over a week and I’ve been downing green tea like it’s my job.

In case it wasn’t clear, I have big plans for this weekend, including creating some project (and maybe recipe) tutorials. We’ll all find out next week if I am successful!

Life snapshot

Life snapshot June 5

June 5, 2015

I’m trying to finish my curtain tutorial for you. If all goes well, I’ll have that up here next week. But for now, I have my life snapshot!

Things I’m excited about

1. Cousin camping! We’re keeping the family tradition alive!


2. Writing workshop at the ArtHaus in Decorah, IA. It’s a six-week class on Tuesday nights led by my senior project advisor from Luther. Needless to say it’s going to be a wonderful workshop.

Project updates

1. I can finally see the floor in my craft room!!! Yes, there are still four boxes, but three of them are books (and I’m trying to wrangle my dad and uncle into helping me make a built-in bookshelf. That’s another story). Also, since this photo was taken, I have put up all of my pictures in the room as well.


2. I’m making progress on my scrapbook. I’m about halfway through with the pictures I have printed at the moment. My goal is to take more photos and at the end of the summer (when my current pages are complete), print them off and keep going with this book. This page depicts cousin camping last year.



1. Books. This is nothing new, I know, but sometimes my reading ebbs and flows. And am I ever in a flow phase-I have three books started at the moment (again, nothing new). On my summer reading list: Lolita, Silent Spring, The Barrytown Trilogy (by Roddy Doyle, an Irish author, sent to me by my fabulous mother-in-law), and Hausfrau (written by someone I saw and had lunch with while at Luther).

2. Moscow mules. I’ve loved the copper cups for a long time but never wanted to invest in them until I knew I liked the drink. Well, I like the drink!


Life snapshot

Life snapshot: May 22

May 22, 2015

That header image is me, (not so) patiently waiting for tonight (see below)!

Things I’m excited about:

1. Going to Las Vegas.

2. Going to Las Vegas tonight.

3. Going to Las Vegas tonight to see my best friend!

Allison and Josh circa 2008.

Allison and Josh circa 2008.

Project updates:

1. Packing for Las Vegas (does that even count if I haven’t started yet?!?).

2. Nothing else because life has been unpredictable lately.

Current obsessions:

1. Reminding my recently-graduated brother that he’s now living in the so-called “real world.”

Good luck bruh. Luh ya.

Good luck bruh. Luh ya.

2. Thinking about Las Vegas!

Clearly you guys know where my head is at this week 🙂

Life snapshot

Life Snapshot May 8

May 8, 2015

Things I’m excited about

1. Going home for Mother’s Day this weekend!

2. Our annual mother-daughter swap meet trip on Saturday! Seriously, this is one of the highlights of my summer every year without fail.

3. The MMPA Summit next week. I’ve wanted to go for a few years and now I’m finally able to. I’m really looking forward to the seminars and getting some new ideas and making my brain work overtime.

Project updates

1. I’m so close to having all of the boxes off the floor in my craft room I can taste it! Just don’t ask me to open the closets in there…

2. I’ve started working on some graphic design prints which I’m hoping to debut at the Pretty Peculiar stand at the Whalan Standstill Parade

Current obsessions

1. Podcasts. I’ve just downloaded over 100 episodes of various podcasts and I’m so pumped to listen to them all!

2. Lentils. Lentil tacos are my jam, they’re so good.

3. This is the best budgeting website ever! I’ve used it for over two years and it’s been so helpful in tracking finances and making goals.

Life snapshot

Life Snapshot 4/27

April 27, 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of my Life Snapshot!

Things I’m excited about

1. Tasting Meditation at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center Tuesday. Meditation is something I’ve long wanted to try and this intro course is being taught by my (current) favorite yoga teacher. She always has really wonderful yogi insights.

2. I’m hosting my first bachelorette party on Friday! I’m so excited to share a fun evening with a dear friend who I couldn’t be more excited for.

3. The beautiful weather!

4. Getting the fabric for my living room curtains at a major discount at JoAnns. Score!

Project goals

1. Finish putting away boxes in the craft room so I can paint my chalkboard wall. That way I can start hanging photos there. These all kind of go hand-in-hand.

2. Work on PhotoShop skills. I’ve gotten back on track with my photography course so now it’s time to start the editing process so I can start printing photos. Which brings me to my next goal…

3. Print the photos for my “first year of marriage” scrapbook!

Current Obsessions

1. French provincial couches. I’m on the hunt for the perfect one for our living room. I love this one featured in Style Me Pretty.
2. Sufjan Stevens’ album “Carrie & Lowell.” Listen. Love. Repeat.

That’s all for this week’s snapshot! Stay tuned, I’m hoping to have a few extra posts in the next few days.

Life snapshot

Life Snapshot 4/21

April 21, 2015

I’ve been really excited about doing this post since I first stumbled across it on Bourbon City Goods. Every week, I’ll share three (or so) updates in three categories: Things I’m Excited About, Project Goals and Updates, and Current Obsessions.

I like the idea of doing this not only to share bits and pieces of my life with you but also to focus on specific project goals. Living in a post-house-moving world, there is a seemingly endless list of projects to complete. By writing them down here, I’ll (hopefully) start to prioritize them and chip away at that list.

Without further adieu, here is this week’s Life Snapshot!

Things I’m excited about

1. Shelves in my craft room! Sounds lame to you, but to me it’s the start of a creative floodgate opening. Also, watch this space for my craft room transformation. (PS, thanks Mom for all your help this weekend!)

2. Anna and Ryan are coming this weekend! I haven’t seen these two crazy clowns since Keith and I got married in October, so a reunion is LONG overdue.

3. Another friend will be moving to Rochester in June, and not only is she moving to the same town as me, she’s moving LESS THAN A MILE AWAY! She’s a powerhouse artist, creator and overall inspirational gal, so I’m pretty excited to be closer, to say the least.

Project goals

1. Organize pantry closet. After my epic battle with two stripped screws (Allison: 2, screws: 0), I managed to insert a shelving unit into our pantry closet. Now it’s time to fill it up and get ‘er organized!

2. Put away at least one shelf worth of boxes in the craft room. The name of the game is organization, folks.

3. Pick back up with my A Beautiful Mess photography course. I have a really great idea for my current theme, Where I Live, but things have been really hectic here. Time for me to make this a priority and get back on my photo game.

Current obsessions

1. Watercolor paint! I’m talking straight-up Crayola 8-pack from the first grade. After falling in love with abstract watercolor designs, I said screw it to the inner voice that said I’m not an artist and I picked some up last week. Let me tell you, it’s freeing! Watercolors are my new thing.

2. Ink and stamps. Picked up some of these last week as well (found a killer sale at Michael’s) and have been practicing for when I get my scrapbook supplies (also from A Beautiful Mess. What can I say, they’re so inspirational!).

That’s all I’ve got for now. Keep it classy San Diego. Name that film!

Life snapshot


February 20, 2015

No, I haven’t forgotten about my blog. In fact, I’ve had it on my to-do list for the last two weeks, only I haven’t done any new projects or anything that seemed “blog-worthy.” Then I remembered it’s my blog and I can write whatever I want! I love having that kind of power.

For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I just bought our first home! The past couple of weeks have flown by as we searched and finally made an offer on a house. Then we had to deal with contracts and banks and paperwork and the like. As we (not so patiently) wait for our closing date, we’re starting to dream about what we can turn our home into.

Besides the standard paint for a couple of rooms, we both have grand ideas for spaces of our own. One of the basement rooms will be turned into a training room for Mr. Ironman himself and one of the upstairs bedrooms will become my craft room! I can’t tell you how excited I am about that, to have a dedicated space to putz and do my own thing, no matter how ridiculous.

The yard of the house has two garden plots, and I am SO EXCITED! I ordered some seeds last week and they arrived a few days ago. I bought some soil last night so I’m more than ready to get those seeds started. I love planning out my garden, deciding what to plant knowing that whatever the plants produce will help feed us through the summer and fall.

And more exciting plans: we’re heading back to Ireland! For some reason, Keith thinks a half Ironman sounds like fun, so this weekend we’re going to start planning our trip with a dear friend. Touring the beautiful country of Ireland for a week sounds pretty good right now, as it’s just barely above freezing here.

 As my past has taught me, always plan with a grain of salt (does that even make sense? It does in my head, but that’s not saying much…). If there’s one thing I know to be true, the only constant is change. So here’s to making plans with every intention of them going awry and having a grand adventure instead!