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January 2017


Making a mala

January 10, 2017

Growing up Catholic, we used to pray the rosary a lot.¬†As I’ve grown, I’ve fallen out of the habit for a number of reasons. After becoming more involved in yoga and meditation the past few years, I’ve started hearing and seeing these things called malas. Similar to a rosary in the fact they are made up of beads, they are a tool to use to guide a meditation practice.

I was a bit resistant to malas at first; they seemed “pagan” versions of a rosary, but as I’ve expanded my knowledge of meditation, mindfulness and awareness, I’ve realized the two are merely different ways to attain a similar goal. Rosarys are used for specific prayers, yes, but they are also meant to be a connection to the Lord by using the prayers as a sort of mantra. Similarly, malas are used to guide you through not prayers, necessary, but through words or phrases or mantras, to connect you to a higher state of mindfulness or meditation.

This year, one of my intentions/resolutions/goals/whatever you want to call them, is to continue my meditation and yoga journey, and malas are one form of meditation I’m ready to try. Instead of buying a mala, I decided to make my own. Bonus, it was really easy! Check out instructions below the photo.


  • 108 beads
  • 108 spacer beads
  • 3 marker beads
  • 1 guru bead
  • Tassel
  • Nylon thread or cord

I followed these instructions for making a tassel, and these instructions for my basic mala, though I supplemented with these as well.

I was a bit confused with the tassel, so here are a few photos to help guide you through if you need more images, like I did.

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Kitchen organization

January 2, 2017

I have one set of open shelves in my kitchen, and they’ve been holding bowls, plates, cups and tea since we moved in. Not bad, just not exactly what I wanted.

For Christmas, I received 8 gorgeous Weck jars from my mother-in-law. They are absolutely perfect for holding bulk items, like gluten-free flours, legumes, nuts and the like, and they are sleek enough to be displayed somewhere like an open shelf in a kitchen!

This was actually quite simple. I took everything off the open shelves and out of the cabinets next to it. I decided what items I wanted in my jars (different types of rice, old-fashioned oats, potato starch, red lentils, and walnuts) and used a chalkboard marker to label them all.

After wiping down all the shelves, I also removed one from the open shelf. Though this cuts down on storage space, it makes things feel more airy and open; the jars looked squished when there were three. After a few more minor additions to the shelf, I was done!

Now that I’ve finished organizing a few kitchen shelves, I have a desire to organize every single closet and cupboard in the house. Wish me luck!