Recent projects: sliding door part 2

March 21, 2016

Where did we leave off? 20160123_113105 Oh yes, I remember. The door has been stained and put together with the 2x4s hanging off the end.

The plan: Add castors to the bottom of the door, add eyehooks to the top and put a handle on. slidingdoor9 Aided by another helpful friend, we managed to put the castors and eyehooks on the door without much bother (I cut corners and didn’t stain the ends of the boards. Hello lazy Allison). The problem came when we went to hang the door on the sliding rail (for that tutorial, check out my article here). One of the elbows was threaded the wrong way. So back to Home Depot for I think the forth time (there was another visit along the way somewhere). Got the rail hardware in place and the door hung with a few minor tweaks with the height of the eyehooks. Great!


The 2x4s were hanging off the left side. I wasn’t really sure what to do with them. Then, in a jolt of inspiration it hit me…make a vertical handle! Thankfully our friend was super helpful. We took the door off the rail, swapped the castors and eyehooks and put the door back up, this time with the 2x4s extending to the right. Now all I had to do was get the hardware for the handle.

Home Depot Trip #5

Bought the same piping I used for the rail to make the handle. Brought it home, got it set up and realized it was 2 inches too long.

So close!

So close!

DANG IT! Back to

Home Depot Trip #6

Had them cut the pipe 2 inches, got it rethreaded and brought it home. Was confident, got everything ready to go and found the pipe was TOO SHORT!!! Let me tell you, I about lost it (for the 8th time this project).

Thankfully, my husband is super smart and understanding and a lifesaver. Instead of doing a vertical handle, he suggested we put it diagonally. YES!

Once the handle was screwed in place, I knew it was the way the door was meant to be. After borrowing a saw to cut off the excess 2×4 pieces, the door was finally finished! (Minus going over all the silver screws and castors with some kind of Sharpie or paint. That’s for another day.)

What a trip my friends. I can tell you I learned a ton working on this project, and, while it was definitely frustrating, I know I have more woodworking projects in my future. finishedslidingdoor

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