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December 22, 2015

Goals have been on my mind recently. I’m sure it’s because it’s almost time to make new year’s resolutions but I also think it’s my way of combatting the winter darkness-fill my head with dreams and goals to keep busy until spring.

Keeping goals can be hit or miss for me. I have grand aspirations and always start off with a bang but I inevitably get off track somewhere in the middle and can have trouble making my way to the end.

I need something tangible where I can write down my larger goals and create measurable steps to achieve them. One of my favorite feelings is crossing things off a list, so I figure if I have multiple opportunities to cross things off on my way to reaching a goal, I may be more apt to see it through. A notebook or journal is a nice thought, but I want to try something bigger and more visible that I will see every day without effort.

With all these caveats in mind, it could have been difficult to find a system. But last night it pretty much hit me over the head: a dry erase board. But not just any dry erase board (some of them look so ugly and remind me of math class, ick) it had to fit with the repurposed vibe of my craft room. Enter an old window!

I found this window at the Rochester Habitat for Humanity ReStore a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the right project. Thankfully this one didn’t take much effort: a few picture hangers on the back, a few nails and boom, goal board.


There are many goals waiting to make it to the board. I’m thinking I might want to pare them down since there are so many but I do love trying new things so maybe I’ll leave them.

A few of my goals for 2016 include:

  • Create one new gluten-free and vegan bread recipe every month.
  • Two to three quality blog posts a month.
    • This means I’ll have to make a content calendar and sticking to it. Post ideas include photography and recipes, which I do all the time anyway. Might as well start posting them!
  • Sew more. I know this isn’t really a measurable goal, but I want to work towards being able to sew my own clothes.
  • Write an article to submit to Orion, one of my favorite magazines.

There you have it. Hopefully writing these goals down in multiple places will help keep me accountable.

What goals have you made for next year? Do you have any tips for reaching them?

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