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Keeping goals

December 22, 2015

Goals have been on my mind recently. I’m sure it’s because it’s almost time to make new year’s resolutions but I also think it’s my way of combatting the winter darkness-fill my head with dreams and goals to keep busy until spring.

Keeping goals can be hit or miss for me. I have grand aspirations and always start off with a bang but I inevitably get off track somewhere in the middle and can have trouble making my way to the end.

I need something tangible where I can write down my larger goals and create measurable steps to achieve them. One of my favorite feelings is crossing things off a list, so I figure if I have multiple opportunities to cross things off on my way to reaching a goal, I may be more apt to see it through. A notebook or journal is a nice thought, but I want to try something bigger and more visible that I will see every day without effort.

With all these caveats in mind, it could have been difficult to find a system. But last night it pretty much hit me over the head: a dry erase board. But not just any dry erase board (some of them look so ugly and remind me of math class, ick) it had to fit with the repurposed vibe of my craft room. Enter an old window!

I found this window at the Rochester Habitat for Humanity ReStore a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the right project. Thankfully this one didn’t take much effort: a few picture hangers on the back, a few nails and boom, goal board.


There are many goals waiting to make it to the board. I’m thinking I might want to pare them down since there are so many but I do love trying new things so maybe I’ll leave them.

A few of my goals for 2016 include:

  • Create one new gluten-free and vegan bread recipe every month.
  • Two to three quality blog posts a month.
    • This means I’ll have to make a content calendar and sticking to it. Post ideas include photography and recipes, which I do all the time anyway. Might as well start posting them!
  • Sew more. I know this isn’t really a measurable goal, but I want to work towards being able to sew my own clothes.
  • Write an article to submit to Orion, one of my favorite magazines.

There you have it. Hopefully writing these goals down in multiple places will help keep me accountable.

What goals have you made for next year? Do you have any tips for reaching them?

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Onesies and cookies

December 17, 2015
(Scroll through the photos for a more full look at our cookie creations.)

There’s an annual tradition I greatly cherish: onesie night and Christmas cookie baking with one of my dear friends. While we typically stretch out the festivities into two different occasions, tight schedules prohibited that this year. So last weekend, we crammed the two of them together!

The day was filled with festive mimosas (orange juice, champagne and cranberry vodka), powdered sugar, our favorite onesies and her two adorable dogs.

It’s traditions like this that constantly remind me how lucky I am to be surrounded by wonderful people. And how much I love cookies.

Good eats

Vegan holiday recipes

December 15, 2015

This past Thanksgiving, my husband and I hosted my mother and brother for the day. We had planned a fabulously traditional meal and spent quite a few hours working on it. But it was a relaxed, joyful cooking experience. And yes, it was vegan (except for the turkey, but that was all on my husband).

keith turkey

While the hubs catered to the turkey, mom and I began prep for the rest of the meal. We spent a good few hours in the kitchen together, something I absolutely cherish. We were on no time restraints, since there were only the four of us, which meant if we ate late, it didn’t matter. There was something so serene about sharing my kitchen with my mom after sharing hers while growing up.

thanksgiving table

In short, it was a day I know I will look back on with a full heart for the rest of my life.

With the holidays quickly approaching (Christmas is NEXT WEEK you guys!), I wanted to share a bit about what we made on Thanksgiving and what we’re planning to bring to various Christmas gathering.

vegan thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving menu, gluten-free and vegan, consisted of the following:

Spinach and strawberry salad with walnuts and lemon poppy seed dressing

Mashed potatoes (made with almond milk and EarthBalance vegan butter)

Stuffing/dressing. I have my mom’s recipe and I use a gluten-free meat substitute. I think this was the best stuffing I’ve ever had. And I’m a stuffing connoisseur.

Gravy. You have to try this recipe; it’s so rich and delicious!

Green bean casserole. I was very pleased with how this turned out, since green bean casserole is another favorite of mine.

Veggie pot pie (that was my main course since the others had turkey)

And who could forget about dessert! There was a delicious pumpkin pie (my first time making it from scratch on my own) and chocolate cupcakes for the hubby who doesn’t like pumpkin or cinnamon.

Coming up for Christmas, we have a few potlucks and, having the special dietary restrictions we do, I’ll be making main courses to bring. Here’s what’s on the menu:

Vegan lasagna. Made it for the first time last week and it’s already a favorite. I will definitely be posting the recipe on here soon.

Jackfruit BBQ sandwiches. Apparently the jackfruit acts like pulled pork. I will be testing this recipe this week just to make sure it’s as delicious as all the hype claims.

Tempeh pate. A delicious appetizer to share that’s super simple to make.

Vegan chili cheese dip. Now a go-to for my party arsenal.

And now that I’ve made my mouth water talking about all this delicious food, I’m off to go eat!