Life snapshot

Life snapshot August 28

August 28, 2015

I realized it’s been a while since I’ve done a Life Snapshot post (I blame Ireland!). So here we are.

Things I’m excited for

1. Sleepovers with college friends. This weekend is going to be a mini-reunion and I cannot wait.


2. Apple picking season!

3. North Carolina. My mom and I are going to take a little trip over Labor Day weekend, just because.

Project goals and updates

1. I *finally* got my deck lights! My mom came down one Saturday and we had a project marathon, including hanging my string lights. Yay! (I’ll have a post about how to put up your own lights soon!)


2. Next project is to get my craft room re-organized now that I have a new desk in there.

3. Organize and edit my Ireland photos.

Current obsessions

1. Open windows at night. We’ve had a string of cool weather and I’ve been sleeping so well with the windows open!

2. Fresh produce. Trying to cram it all in before the cold weather hits.

I think my next Life Snapshot is going to be devoted to Ireland. That means I have to get my photos organized, ah! Wish me luck.

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