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June 26, 2015

Starting something new is both exhilarating and terrifying. There’s a deep desire, a want, to do something, but there’s also a fear of failure. What if what I want doesn’t turn out the way I want it to? What if I fail? What if I’m no good?

The internet can be a beautiful place for inspiration. Home décor blogs and fitness sites all show you what is possible and what can be done. But it can also be paralyzing—I’m not good at decorating, my home will never look like that, I’m not good at running, I’ll never be able to do a marathon.

It is overwhelming sometimes, having access to photos and testimonials of people who have/do what you want, especially when they make it seem effortless.

Instead of telling ourselves we can’t do something or aren’t good enough to do it, just start.

Don’t worry about the outcome, just start.

Because here’s the thing—if you don’t start, you’ll spend all your time wishing and dreaming instead of doing and having.

Case in point: our basement bar.

My hubby and I talked about turning the bar corner into a full-fledged bar—pallet wall, an actual bar counter, stools, the whole nine yards. When we moved into our house, we just piled all our boxes with bar stuff on the shelves and floor in the corner and left them.

Three months later, the boxes were still there, poorly hidden behind narrow curtains.

I had a plan in my head that until we could get the full bar, I would “compromise” and thrift a bar cart, make it fabulous, find two oversized arm chairs and a rug and make the place super cozy and chic. But I was daunted by all the visions of bar carts I’d seen online, like this one. I didn’t think I could make anything as cute as they were. So I held back because I wasn’t “good enough.”

Until a few weeks ago. We had company coming for the weekend and I decided enough was enough. I started. I got rid of the curtains. I moved the shelves around and I took everything out of the boxes. Within a matter of maybe two hours, I had made our bar. Was it everything we had dreamed? No. But was it a bar? Yes.

My husband loves it. I love it. Do we still want to bar cart, chairs and pallet wall? Of course. But I’m not going to let this space go to waste waiting for them.


I think just starting can apply to almost any aspect of our lives. Do you want to do a triathlon? Stop reading all those articles and go for a run (or bike or swim). Do you want to make magazine-worthy cupcakes? Grab the flour and start baking. Do you want stunning photos to adorn your walls? Grab your camera and start snapping photos.

Too often we let our fear of not being “good enough” stop us. We all seek perfection because that’s what we’re accustomed to seeing. But perfection doesn’t exist; PhotoShop does, which makes us think perfection is real. In fact, many bloggers post about the difference between their “perfect” blog photos and how things are in real life.

My challenge for you this weekend: stop telling yourself you aren’t good enough and get started!

*This post was inspired by the Just Start stamp featured in a photo from Enjoy It and from the post Learning=Sucking by Delightfully Tacky.

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