Ombre garden chair

June 23, 2015

Last year, my mom snagged two garden chairs from the side of the road. She’s always great about finding fun things for me to refurbish and reuse, much to my husband’s dismay 🙂

These two chairs weren’t awful. In fact, we’d been using one of them for the past two months on our porch (the other was stuck in the garage holding important things like new deadbolts and door handles). Well this past weekend, we finally got our new locks on the doors, which meant the second chair was free. Time to get to work!

All I needed for this project was some Rustoleum spray paint (no photo because I used the whole can and forgot to take a picture, whoops!) and some paint. I used paint samples left over from when we were painting our house. Total cost: $3!!!


I initially thought I would remove all of the wood slats from the chair and spray paint the rusted white hardware and the slats separately. After a few trials, the screws were quite rusted and impossible to remove (thanks for trying Keith!). On to Plan B: spray the metal and paint the slats after.

I sprayed the armrests and the rest of the rusty white metal black. I definitely forgot to take a before picture, but needless to say things were pretty dismal. This photo is semi-before, since all I’d done was spray paint the metal rods.


It was a nice weekend, so I did the entire project in my backyard. Perfect for spray paint because it will go away the next time I mow the lawn!


I let the spray paint dry overnight. To be honest, I didn’t quite have enough paint to do the entire thing, so if you’re ever over, don’t look to closely at the underside of the black bars. You have been warned.

On day two, I painted. I started with a quick sanding to remove the worst of the flaking old green paint. At first, I was going to do a single color, but when I went to look through our paint, I found two blues that I thought could be combined to make a nice ombre, or gradient, effect. I used Behr’s Essential Teal and Sonic Blue.

I started with teal on the seat of the chair, then did Sonic Blue at the top. To create the middle color, I just mixed some white that I had in the basement with the teal. Those little tester jars worked perfectly for this! The color got a bit light, so the white/teal combo is really close in color with the Sonic Blue, but in person it’s definitely two distinct colors. The photos don’t show it that well.


And that’s it! I do intend on sealing the chairs yet, but that’ll be pretty easy. A few hours in the sun and I’ve got a great pop of color in the backyard.


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