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Life snapshot June 19

June 19, 2015

Welcome to another addition of life snapshot!

Things I’m excited for:

1. A weekend at home! This is the first weekend we’ll be at home in what seems like forever.

2. Farmers market produce tomorrow. The Saturday market is one of my highlights of summer.

3. To finish Game of Thrones. The hubby and I have gotten sidetracked and have three or four episodes to finish, which we fully plan on doing this weekend (no spoilers please!).

Project goals and updates:

1. I finished our bar downstairs! I wasn’t even planning on doing it, but one day last week I was super motivated and got everything out of the boxes and onto the shelves and organized. What do you think? I haven’t actually done any cosmetic changes (yet) but I really like it!


2. Organize my garage. We’re storing a couch in there at the moment (it didn’t fit in our living room) and it’s really cramping my style. The least I can do is organize around it.

3. Write a shitty first draft. I’m taking a writing workshop at the ArtHaus in Decorah, and this week’s assignment is to have a shitty first draft done. I’ve got a pretty good start, so hopefully a rainy Saturday will entice me to finish.

4. Bonus goal: I have three vintage frames in my garage that I want to paint and get prints to go in. We’ll see where this goes.

Current obsessions:

1. Left hand milk stout. Actually, any stout. I got hooked on stouts after Duluth brewery tours with some friends and I love it!

2. Cool vintage outdoor string lights, like these. I’m hoping they’ll make it on my project list one day soon (hopefully with a smaller price tag).

3. Green tea. I’ve been trying to kick a killer cold for over a week and I’ve been downing green tea like it’s my job.

In case it wasn’t clear, I have big plans for this weekend, including creating some project (and maybe recipe) tutorials. We’ll all find out next week if I am successful!

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