Life snapshot

Life snapshot June 5

June 5, 2015

I’m trying to finish my curtain tutorial for you. If all goes well, I’ll have that up here next week. But for now, I have my life snapshot!

Things I’m excited about

1. Cousin camping! We’re keeping the family tradition alive!


2. Writing workshop at the ArtHaus in Decorah, IA. It’s a six-week class on Tuesday nights led by my senior project advisor from Luther. Needless to say it’s going to be a wonderful workshop.

Project updates

1. I can finally see the floor in my craft room!!! Yes, there are still four boxes, but three of them are books (and I’m trying to wrangle my dad and uncle into helping me make a built-in bookshelf. That’s another story). Also, since this photo was taken, I have put up all of my pictures in the room as well.


2. I’m making progress on my scrapbook. I’m about halfway through with the pictures I have printed at the moment. My goal is to take more photos and at the end of the summer (when my current pages are complete), print them off and keep going with this book. This page depicts cousin camping last year.



1. Books. This is nothing new, I know, but sometimes my reading ebbs and flows. And am I ever in a flow phase-I have three books started at the moment (again, nothing new). On my summer reading list: Lolita, Silent Spring, The Barrytown Trilogy (by Roddy Doyle, an Irish author, sent to me by my fabulous mother-in-law), and Hausfrau (written by someone I saw and had lunch with while at Luther).

2. Moscow mules. I’ve loved the copper cups for a long time but never wanted to invest in them until I knew I liked the drink. Well, I like the drink!


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