Still here

April 3, 2015

Hi all.

I just wanted to reassure you that I’m still here and I haven’t forgotten about the blog! On the contrary, I’ve been thinking about what to write every day, but besides being on deadline at work, Keith and I are still in the middle of moving into our new home, so time is a little crunched.

That’s us after a long day of painting (thanks to Mom and Tyler for coming to help!). We’re still waiting for a load of furniture (thanks Dad and Deb!) and some new carpet, so things are in a bit of disarray. In fact, most of my clothes are still packed in one massive box. But our dresser won’t be here until Tuesday, so I’m surviving on skirts and paint clothes.

Anyway, I promise I’ll come back with some fun DIY projects soon. Actually, I’m already cooking up a few about organizing closets and craft rooms (because that’s my life right now).

Hope all of you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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