Making do and making it up

December 2, 2014
Alternative title: Lessons from a cold entryway
What an incredibly fulfilling Thanksgiving weekend! It started with a blast of snow on Wednesday followed by some quality family time on Thursday. No Thanksgiving would be complete without a bit of ice skating (or booting, as I like to call it, since I always go out in my boots) so after a bit of digesting, some of us took to the ice and enjoyed the sunshine.

A friend and I did our annual 5k Moustache Run on Saturday morning and rocked it hardcore! Plus the after party was booming thanks to an awesome dj. My brother and I took my mom to see White Christmas at the Orpheum on Saturday afternoon since it’s her birthday this week (happy birthday mom!). It’s always nice to spend time with family whenever you can during the winter, since you never know when inclement weather will cancel your plans.
Sunday was my day to get some things done around the house. You know you always have those projects where you’re like, “one day I’m going to do this and fix that problem and it’s going to be great.”? Sunday was my day to git ‘er done! Our front door is extremely drafty—I’m talking about at least a ten degree temperature difference from the living room upstairs to the entryway. It’s awful having to go down to the laundry room or craft room in the basement because you have to go through the chilly entryway.
Last year, my roommate and I made do by thumb tacking a blanket around the door. Not very practical whenever we had to use the door, and Sylvia thought the tacks were toys and would often pull out the ones she could reach. But we made do. This year, I made it up!
I hit up JoAnn Fabric for fleece for some sweater mittens (haven’t quite gotten to making those yet, but stay tuned) and thought, it’s now or never! I bought extra fleece, some velcro and polyfill. My intention was to simply take some strips of fleece and, using velcro and some duct tape, simply put the fleece over the cracks around the door. And I’m still convinced this will work, but I have yet to add the duct tape into the mix. Watch this space.
Then I moved to the draft stop. I measured, cut, sewed, stuffed with rocks and polyfill, sewed and stuffed some more, and thought I was finished. Until I brought it up to the door and realized it wasn’t tall enough to reach the draft. Dang it!
Being the intelligent person that I am, instead of ripping the first, short stopper apart and starting over, I simply took a bigger piece of fleece and used the original stopper as stuffing, adding more polyfill to fill it out as I went. The result? A perfectly made-up draft stopper! And bonus: it also doubles as a cat toy (doesn’t everything?).
So my lesson for today is that sometimes you need to stop thinking about one day making the perfect item to solve your problem, or finding the perfect rug for the living room. Sometimes you just need to make it up. I’m so much happier that the entryway isn’t freezing cold even though my initial plans weren’t fulfilled (I have fleece and velcro sitting on my bench just waiting) but if I hadn’t bought the supplies and just done it, the draft stopper wouldn’t have been made and I’d still harbor hate for our frigid entryway.  

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