Recent projects: weekend edition

November 17, 2014
This weekend was chock full of crafting! Saturday was the perfect snowy day to begin my endeavors. After checking out the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I have found a new love. The ReStore is full of lots of random things. My friend and I were greeted by stoves when we walked in, then we ventured over to the cabinet doors, sinks, light fixtures, toilets, you get my drift. Seriously, this place is great for cheap, basic pieces for your crafting needs. I was good and only bought what I needed for a Christmas present. And because of their low prices and discounts, I paid a whopping $1.33!
The Salvation Army and Goodwill were also on my list, and I picked up a few things at each. I’ll show you the Christmas present make once it’s finished, but for now, here are a few of my recent projects.
You’ll remember this chicken wire frame from a recent post. This weekend I remembered to grab some sawtooth hangers so I could hang it, and it makes a fun addition to my little corner spot. I can’t wait until we get our wedding photos so I can add them to the frame. It will either be those or some photos from a trip to Pairs. Stay tuned.

Here is my super simple burlap wreath I made this weekend. All it took was two rolls of burlap, a wire wreath frame and a bit of floral wire and ta-dah, I finally can replace my old ornament wreath that’s slowly been losing it’s baubles.
And finally, here is the finished table I painted in my first experiment with milk paint. Though I didn’t work on this table specifically this weekend, I did help a friend repaint her coffee table with milk paint, so I thought it was fitting.

What do you think of my latest creations? I promise I’m working on taking nicer photos, I just couldn’t be bothered to get out my camera on a Sunday night to take pictures.


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    love the wreath!!

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