Weekend update

October 27, 2014
Apologies for the lack of posts lately. I was married earlier this month and then was hit with two deadlines at work, so my life has been a little bit hectic. Thankfully things are calming down and I am back to being able to relax and enjoy each day.
This weekend was full of adventures! Saturday morning, I met up with a friend in Chatfield for a beautiful breakfast in the park including pastries from a local bakery and falling leaves. We joked that we were on the perfect date πŸ™‚
After a bit of catching up (though it’s never enough, is it?) we went to check out a painting demo at Adourn. I’d never been in this shop before, but suffice it to say it is one of my new favorites! Distressed furniture, reupholstered chairs, delicious smelling candles, everything handmade…it was beautiful! Not to mention the wood floors and large windows that let the sun light up the shop.
The painting demo was for Miss MustardSeed’s Milk Paint. I’d heard all about this paint on blogs and Pinterest and was excited to see how it worked. The demo was great and inspiring, so my friend and I each bought a bag of paint (which we then split in half and shared, so we could try out two colors). It was really hard to pick a color since they’re all so interesting.
One thing I really like about this paint is that you can mix their colors to create your own unique color. I purchased Trophy, a medium gray, and my friend picked up Dried Lavender, a soft purple with gray undertones.
I was super excited to test out this paint, so I’ve already begun a project. Watch this space for that coming soon.
Saturday afternoon was spent with some friends from college who were in town. One of my friends was competing in a Crossfit Challenge, so we watched him. I’m blown away by the level of fitness of the competitors; they’re so driven and dedicated.
Then a few of us ventured out to FourDaughters Winery. I’ve been meaning to go here for quite some time, and Saturday was the perfect day for it: sunny, breezy, a lovely late fall day. The winery itself is impressive, the building is stunning and the countryside setting is perfect. We did a tasting to explore all of our options which resulted in trying some unusual and tasty wines.
I was very impressed by the food they had. We started with melted Provolone covered in olive oil and herbs and it was so delicious I’m going to implement it in my future holiday menus. The entrees were delicious and well, very reasonably priced, and for once the portion sizes normal, not the massive sizes we’re used to receiving at most restaurants.

And that was just one of my beautiful days this weekend. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by some incredibly vibrant people, all of whom bring something different to my life.

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