Wedding bells and coffee tables

October 7, 2014
Saturday is the big day! I can’t believe it’s here already. Keith and I always sit down at the beginning of the week and make our mental list of everything that needs to get done, and the last two weeks, these chats have started with, “um, where did the last week go?” Between both of us still being newbies at our jobs, finishing the last pieces of wedding décor, cleaning the house for his parent’s visit and trying to enjoy the beautiful fall weather we’ve had, time has disappeared.
That being said, we’ve enjoyed this process so much! This past weekend, we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon and evening at a wedding of two of our friends who also met at camp. Seeing them, seeing how happy they were, was the push that Keith and I needed to go from wedding planning mode to excited mode. And I can confidently say now that I am so excited for the weekend to come!
Fun fact. While we were doing our final preparations and house cleaning for Keith’s parents, we decided we needed to finish painting a coffee table a dear aunt of mine gave us. She’s been redoing her house and had a table to get rid of, which Keith and I promptly claimed. Unlike most of our other projects, this table only sat in the garage about two weeks before we tackled it (I’m hoping to make that the trend, but I’m not holding my breath).
The coffee table from my aunt.
The table was ripe for redoing! Keith originally wanted to paint it red and black, but we ran out of time to get paint and since we already had a can of a beautiful minty blue, he said we should just use that instead. We did the base coat in white last weekend when we had a free afternoon, and the table sat in the garage until this past weekend when Keith jumped in and said we should get it done before his parents arrived. So we did a quick coat on Saturday afternoon before the wedding and did a second coat Sunday night, and it looks adorable! It’s perfect for our game room in the basement. (I’ll add a picture once I have one of the finished table).

So that’s about where I’m at right now: a bit rambling, a bit sporadic and TONS of excited!

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  • Reply Peter F. October 8, 2014 at 11:02 am

    woo so excited for your wedding and to see you on Saturday!! Good luck with all the last minute preparations 😀

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