Table renovation

September 15, 2014
Last winter, I believe it was around Christmas, my mom and I were thrifting up in central Minnesota. We happened across a shop called For Pet’s Sake and, thinking it had pet supplies and I could find a new carrier for my quickly-growing cat, we stopped in. Turns out the shop wasn’t for pets, but was part of the Humane Society with portions of the profit going to help animals in need. While we didn’t find the carrier we were looking for, we did find an awesome deal: a kitchen table, with three leaves, for only $10! You just can’t pass that up!
I brought the table home with every intention of refinishing it within a few weeks. Instead, it sat in my garage for a few months until I finally said enough! In my defense though, the weather was too cold outside to open the garage door to let the fumes out from the paint stripper.
When the weather broke one weekend, my fiance and I got to work. We stripped the table down and began sanding it. After just one afternoon we had the entire top, leaves included, ready to go. All we needed to do was finish the legs. So we put it back in the garage and went on our merry way.
Another month went by (funny how time flies isn’t it?) until, once again, I couldn’t take looking at the table anymore. Nor could I imagine trying to strip the paint off the legs, which had lots of grooves and ridges. No longer were we going to stain the whole thing one color. No, we were going to get cute with this table and paint the legs something different. While many people would view this as a design choice, really it was all about me not wanting to sand anymore, but shhhh!
After the top was stained and varnished, I tackled the legs. I went to the Home Depot and, with my husband Keith trying his best to help, debated over colors for the legs. After much hemming and hawing, “we” finally chose a lovely color from Behr, a light bluish-green. It looks awesome with the stain color he chose!
Originally we had planned on putting this table in our dining room. Only problem was we didn’t have any chairs for it. While at a swap meet up in central Minnesota, we found four perfect chairs. The wrench in this situation was that you had to buy the table that went with the chairs. Again, it was too great a deal to pass up ($80 for the table and all four chairs, already sanded and stained, just needed to be varnished) so we brought the set back and used them in our dining room.
So what to do with our first table? Why, put it into my craft room, of course! We lugged it down the stairs and managed to squeeze it through the hallway and into my sewing/crafting room. It looks right at home with all of my beads and fabrics strewn on top.

What are your tips for updating your furniture finds? I’d love to hear them, as I’m ready to jump into another project!

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