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    Year of wellness, first check in

    January 22, 2018

    How is everyone doing with the first wellness challenge? I won’t lie, I’ve fallen off the alcohol bandwagon a few times, though it’s always been an intentional choice, and I made it a full two weeks before my first infraction (a lovely wedding shower for one of my dearest friends, and I decided the celebration was well worth it).

    Cutting out sugar hasn’t been a huge problem for me, though my hubby can’t say the same. He’s a ketchup and barbecue sauce fanatic. We’re talking on sandwiches, pasta, literally anything. Since he’s being super supportive and tackling this wellness challenge with me, I went ahead and made some homemade ketchup for him (super easy and pretty tasty) to show my appreciation and to keep him from going crazy.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve replaced any sugary snacks I may have wanted to with salty foods, mainly chips and salsa. So much so that I’m considering limiting my salt-heavy food consumption in February as I lessen the restraint on sugar.

    I’ve also noticed that I miss having a glass of red wine in the evening. I’ve been fine without beer or other liquor, but a nice glass of cabernet during/after dinner is one of my favorite treats. It’s become a relaxation habit, honestly: it’s a signal to my brain that it’s time to slow down, to savor every sip, to enjoy the book or good company I’m keeping (because let’s be real, red wine is often consumed with friends, and I have some truly wonderful friends).

    For February, as we start to add sugar and alcohol back into our lives, let’s do it mindfully. I included some tips in the initial post, which you can refer back to, but I’m really digging the Weekday, Weekend approach: no sugar or booze on weekdays, and then indulge on weekends.

    We only have one life to live, and I believe we should absolutely enjoy it. That being said, we don’t want to indulge so much that it hampers our health and wellness to a point where we can no longer enjoy the things we love. It’s all about moderation so we can continue enjoying life’s pleasures.

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